Image of Beast Wagon #4

Beast Wagon #4


Written by Owen Michael Johnson
Illustrated by John Pearson
Lettered by Colin Bell

Mature readers

Chapter Four - Gluttire

Capacities are reached.

Captivities are breached.

The pen-ultimate issue of the critically acclaimed British Comic Award nominated series by Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson, with letters by Colin Bell.

"Beast Wagon was a force, a joy to read, a great original work. If comedy is hard to pull off, a black comedy is harder. You walk a fine line, a black comedy's humour is coming from suffering, and the key to making it work is where the sympathy lies. But Beast Wagon has warmth, we care about the animal and human characters both, we sympathize. When it is funny it is very funny, and when it is bleak it is very bleak. It's an excellent satire." - Kate Beaton